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Letters To Survivors: Words of comfort for Women Recovering from Rape has been two years' in the making. Women from around the world have bravely chosen to share their stories, wisdom, and advice from their journeys of healing. Letters came from women ages 18 to 65, from America, England, Canada, and Australia!

Each woman wrote a personal letter from the heart to all "future survivors" - other women who have endured the trauma of rape or sexual abuse.

This book will save lives. It offers a message of hope without being preachy or superficial. It is not triggering or expicit, and can be read by a person at any stage of healing, teen or adult. The artwork is uplifting, and the words are gentle and poignant without trivializing the reality of trauma and recovery. Letters To Survivors is a book that can be given as a gift, offered to clients in therapy, or distributed by crisis centers and university counseling programs.

In fact, "Letters To Survivors" has been selected by many rape crisis centers, counseling programs, military bases, American Indian tribal services, and campuses as their PRIMARY resource for clients, and provide a copy to every person they serve! One program even held a public reading of "Letters" by volunteer Survivors as part of their annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign!

"I am so proud to have my words included"

"I could never thank you enough for what this project has given me, and what I know it will give to so many others"

"I thank you for the reverence you've undertaken during this project. I always knew my words were safe"

-Feedback from three women whose words appear in the book

Each letter is presented as a complete work of art, and the reader can see the original handwriting of the women who have written their words of hope. The artwork of each letter is accompanied by text for easy readbility. Every page is edge-to-edge color.

Topics addressed by the letters include:

  • Coping with feelings of suicide after rape
  • Self-injury and body issues
  • How to identify toxic "helpers" along the way
  • How to know when you are really healing
  • How to find other Survivors for support
  • Coping with spiritual crisis and anger at God after rape
  • What DOESN'T work to heal!
  • Emotional self-care and self-respect
  • If rape or abuse was your first "sexual" experience
  • The decision to report the rape or not
  • How to handle conflict with your therapist during recovery
  • Mistakes these Survivors made in their efforts to heal

Through it all, the letter-writers are honest about the struggles and turmoil of this journey.

Read a sample letter