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2012 - FINALIST for Independent Publishers Book Awards for "Women's Issues"


2011 Silver Medal Winner - "Books That Are Changing The World" Nautilus Book Awards!

2011 Bronze Medal Winner - "Living Now - Books for a Better Tomorrow" Publishing awards, Survivor/Recovery Category!

Words of comfort

Rape Recovery IS Possible!

What if you really aren't alone?

What if you knew there is hope that things can get better?

What if you could meet other amazing women who have been through it too, and could share their hopes, advice, wit, and wisdom with you?

Letters To Survivors offers you that.

Women from around the world, from teen to elder, have gathered to give you their personal message of hope after rape.

That makes Letters To Survivors one of the most uplifting, life-changing books you may ever read.

Help for Rape Victims:

If you are a victim, this should be the first book you read.

If you want to help victims, this should be the first thing you put into their hands.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Limited DELUXE hardcover edition:

Expanded content - additional art, letters and group discussion questions!

Glossy heavy-weight paper and gold-embossed cover!

Comes in a burgundy velvet/satin slip cover with snap!

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136 pages of full-color art, available at Amazon and

Barnes and Noble or buy a signed copy here!

NEW! Available as a FULL COLOR e-book download! Read "Letters To Survivors" right on your computer or Nook! 9mb .pdf for $7.99!

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To agencies, non-profits, and businesses: I do accept purchase orders for books, and will offer discounts for orders of multiple copies. Send an email to make arrangements and request a W9 form, if desired.

Help for rape victims: Letters To Survivors is crammed with encouragements, wisdom, advice, and tips on coping with everything from self-injury to suicide to hopelessness. Sexual assault is always a crisis, but now there are words of care from women who have actually been through it too and want to offer the kind of help that only another Survivor can.

Letters To Survivors is suitable for counseling programs, crisis services, treatment centers, workshops, and support groups for nearly any age group.