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What people are saying about "Letters To Survivors":


2011 Silver Medal Winner - "Books that Are Changing the World" Nautilus Publishing awards!


2011 Bronze Medal Winner - "Books for a Better Tomorrow" Living Now Publishing awards - Survivor/Recovery Category!


I wish this had been the first book I read after my rape.

-Jen, a Survivor

This book is far beyond gorgeous -- it is breathtaking, truly, in both its art and its content. Reverance, as others have said, is the perfect word. Thank you for all you put into this, and thank you everyone who contributed.

-Anne, a Survivor

Words cannot express how proud of myself I am. And how thankful I am for you doing all of the work to make this a reality.

-Stephanie, Letters contributor

I am totally, totally amazed!! For me Letters To Survivors signifies a huge shift from shame to being able to hold my hand up and say 'I am a survivor too.' I just felt like taking a deep breath and quietly saying 'wow, that is amazing progress.' Nothing about being raped is beautiful, but from it, we can build our own lives to be things of beauty and I really think this is reflected in the style and layout of the book as well as the words. Thank you Matt for making it feel safe enough to write it, and thanks to my tribe here who are always willing to pick me up when I wobble.

-Brit, Letters contributor

I am really glad that I decided to write a letter. I am really hard on myself sometimes, well most of the time, and it helps to go back and read what I would say to someone else going through the same thing as me. It helps me to see when I am being unrealistic and too much of a perfectionist. Plus it is inspiring to read...

-Megan, Letters contributor

What I see here is so incredibly beautiful..This book, Matt, what you and my fellow Survivors have created, but especially the way the words and artwork go together -- you have created a redemptive work. Out of something so ugly and shattering, you have brought beauty.

-Rebecca, Reader

It's absolutely wonderful. So thoughtfully done and absolutely wonderful. I think I can speak for everyone when I thank you for the reverance you've undertaken during this project. I always knew my words were safe...

This is one thing I can hold up and say, "Look what I did!! yeah... I was raped. But look what I did with that experience! And by the way sister, you're not alone." This book is very, very important. I can't wait to pass it out. I kind of think of it as my anthem now :)

-Devin, Letters contributor